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Sandnes Sparebank

Sandnes Sparebank witnessed 200% increase in goal attainment for their customer service teams and a 133% increase in new customers for their private sales department with SalesScreen.


Banking and Finance

Sandnes Sparebank

Our entire organization has become much more results driven than before and there’s more focus on entering data and tracking numbers in a good way.

Kenneth Våge, Bank Manager, Private Market

Sandnes Sparebank is a medium-sized savings bank that focuses on loans, savings and insurance services. The company has 130 employees and a portfolio of approximately USD $2.4 Billion.

The company currently wanted to build a more results-driven approach towards sales and customer service, while also highlighting good performance in a fun and engaging way in order to build stronger workplace culture.

They started using SalesScreen in 2017 and currently have 43 users spread across their two main offices, with plans of expanding to their corporate and real estate departments as well. Since starting with SalesScreen, Sandnes Sparebank witnessed 200% increase in goal attainment for their customer service teams and a 133% increase in new customers for their private sales department.

Since starting with SalesScreen, Sandnes Sparebank has noticed:

  • 2018 was the best year ever in insurance sales
  • 133% increase in new customers for their private sales department
  • Leads from customer service to the insurance sales team overperformed by 150%
  • Downloads of their mobile banking app achieved 200% of their app download target (a key metric for their customer service team)
  • More than 2/3 of the team members state that registering results in SalesScreen is one of their top motivational points during the workday.
  • The use of SalesScreen has been pointed out as an innovative and positive tool during the interviews of new potential candidates and has positively impacted hiring initiatives.


“Our entire organization has become much more results-driven than before, and there’s more focus on entering data and tracking numbers in a good way. With more visibility into individual performance and department results, we cheer for and support each other better, and I think that’s what makes a strong company that people want to stay with.”

Key Goals

As a quickly growing savings bank, Sandnes Sparebank had a few key goals that they wanted to focus on in order to increase activity, performance, and results on key targets:

  • Wanted a more visible and results-driven tool to keep track of sales.
  • Improve visibility of what the sales department is doing throughout the entire organization.
  • Needed to be able to put focus on various campaigns throughout different times of the year in order to achieve different types of targets.
  • Desire to give their management team the ability to place more recognition or spotlight on good performance.
  • Employees wanted to compete more between teams and also 1-1 with other colleagues when pursuing their targets.
  • Increase recognition in real-time because people who were working late were not having their contributions noticed because nobody was in the office to see it.


More positive drive toward results

For Sandnes Sparebank, it was time to replace their whiteboards with a digital sales tool that was flexible and could provide updates in real time.

“We wanted a more visible and results-driven tool to keep track of sales. We wanted to go from old school to new school and put a more positive driven focus on sales where employees can cheer on each other. One major positive aspect of SalesScreen is that you can make results visible to everyone with slides, leaderboards, likes, comments, and you can adjust how many people are showing on the lists… whether it’s the top 3 or 5 or the entire company.”

More visibility into the sales process and more recognition

By using TV screens to show results and progress, they attracted the attention of other departments and built company-wide interest in their sales process, with colleagues cheering them on towards new milestones and even making friendly bets on when they would hit their next targets.

“We had other bank divisions who are not SalesScreen users coming in last year and actually watching our TV screens and making bets on “when will they reach $100M USD in new loans?”, for instance. Before, the other divisions never had any understanding or interest in what we were doing… and now they’re betting wine or lunch on when we hit new milestones. It’s really funny!

Better ability to concentrate efforts

In addition, Sandnes Sparebank managed to place focus on the right areas during important campaigns, resulting in improved performance on key targets and more celebrations from the entire organization. Even the management became more involved in recognizing individual accomplishments.

SalesScreen allows us to easily focus on new campaigns or different targets throughout the year with competitions, slides, countdowns and other features. Now, it’s very easy to get concentrated effort from everyone on our goals. Also, it gives the management team the ability to place a spotlight on individual goals or progression throughout teams. They can give feedback easily and they see how much it’s values by the employees.”

Increased awareness of data

Even boring tasks like manual data entry became more interesting. The registration of key activities and entry of data points also increased since it’s more fun to see your personal celebrations on TV or to work your way up the leaderboard.

“It’s all about adding motivation so that the employees want to put registrations into the data management system. Now it’s visible to the whole organization and there’s a lot more celebration behind every sale that they do. Everyone notices it and they cheer on each other… people didn’t use to see that with a whiteboard but now everyone sees updates when they log into the system and they can give likes/comments/etc. It’s created a much more fun workplace.”

Involvement and awareness from the management team

In many organizations, the management team wants to help increase efficiency and goal attainment but struggles to do so because they lack the real-time overview of individual performance. Since SalesScreen connects all office locations in real-time, it is easier for all levels of management to have a total overview and for direct managers to coach and provide guidance as they see necessary or to provide feedback and encouragement when warranted.

“The tool makes it easy for the upper management team to track, monitor and involve themselves in the sales process. This is also a key factor to take into consideration when choosing a sales reporting tool. It should not only be a tool for the sales representatives and their leaders – it should also involve management in order to give the recognition and respect that is deserved by the individuals for using the features the tool gives you. SalesScreen allows us to do this in a fun and easy way.”

Personalized approach to goal completion

By increasing the visibility and recognition of performance, individual motivation increased, and people became more focused on their results.

“SalesScreen makes our sales process much more personalized now and also everyone sees it, so there is recognition where there was not recognition before. People also really enjoy competing between themselves. With battles they can challenge each other and it may not work for everyone but it sure motivates some that they can challenge each other for the prize of a beer or Friday lunch or whatever. I’ve also noticed that when I have 1-on-1s with employees about their goals at work, they often say “I want to be the one on top on SalesScreen. I want to take out Johnathan (for example) and be in first place.”

Celebrating in style

When results come up on the screens, it creates a more lively atmosphere and drives every to do more, sell more, and be the next one to register a completed activity.

“Celebrating has become more of a thing for us with SalesScreen. When a YouTube celebration video comes on there are high fives. Or, for example, if someone is working late at the office and they make a sale, nobody is there to see it but people will respond on the company feed from home and put in positive words so that it is meaningful and they are noticed for the hard work. The management team has also become quite good at this and I think it makes a difference to those people who are putting in the effort to know that someone sees it.”

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