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Tellix AS

Tellix AS experienced a 33% increase in total sales during 2018 and a 54% increase in number of calls since starting with SalesScreen.



Tellix AS

We use SalesScreen for tracking all of our important sales information and also for keeping the teams focused and motivated. My boss even looks at it to see how well we are performing on key targets and where the activity levels are at.

Bendik Bergan, Sales Manager

Tellix has been creating point-of-sale software systems since 2006. With the launch of the newly developed POS system in 2017, they have the market's latest software. Tellix also has its own support department for both payment terminals and cash registers. With headquarters in Oslo, they deliver point-of-sale systems throughout the Nordics.


Our success has become even more visible and this has helped us a stronger and more performance-focused culture. Everyone knows what to focus on and they perform better as a result. Everyone understands the progress on goals and how we are performing as a company, then we use the tools and gamification to increase engagement and get us to where we want to be as a team. It’s pretty straightforward but we see a big impact.

We definitely notice that our “low activity days” now are what would count as normal or high activity days previously. We’ve tightened the gap there and as a result of more activity, we see more sales.

Key Changes:

  • 33% increase in total sales during 2018, from 20 to 29 Million Kroner (NOK)
  • Experienced our best month ever just one month after starting with SalesScreen
  • Inactivity has reduced significantly because people see in real-time their performance and are more aware. “Even our worst days are better”
  • Number of calls increased by 54%
  • Retention has never been more stable


At the time, we had a small company, but big goals for growth and we were soon moving into a much nicer office. We had a basic CRM, but nothing that was really useful for registering sales activities. When I would travel around to other sales offices in the Nordics, I would often see that they had TV screens with information updates about sales progress and performance metrics.

This is when I had this “Aha! moment”; I realized that the teams who had these screens had better overall awareness and transparency within their teams, and therefore consistently better sales results. Since we were soon moving into a nicer location, I also wanted TV screens and better awareness on targets to be a big part of our culture.

We also wanted to create a sales environment where everyone knows how they are performing on goals and has a clear picture of what to focus on. I spent quite a long time searching for the right product. I knew we wanted something that could display the information that we needed, was easy to use, was fun and entertaining and could help us drive better performance on sales targets.

Despite searching, I couldn’t find the perfect fit that matched what I had in my head. Then, one day, I visited a friend’s company in Oslo for a sales meeting. They were using SalesScreen and it was exactly what I had been searching for. It looks good on TV, it’s easy to use and we can enter all of our information about products, deal size, offers being sent, calls per day and perhaps most importantly, it offered the flexibility to allow us to tag information with customer number and name from our own CRM.


We use SalesScreen for tracking all of our important sales information and also for keeping the teams focused and motivated. My boss even looks at it to see how well we are performing on key targets and where the activity levels are at. While we really have fun with the competitions and other features, the data management is really what’s key for us and allows us to focus our attention where it’s most important, and then use leaderboards or competitions to help everyone else also focus on that goal.

Data Management and Awareness

Being able to offer a little positivity and keep someone’s call volume high for the day can make a big difference to them and also to the bottom-line growth of the company.

Before, we needed to wait until the end of the day before we could get an understanding of everyone’s activity levels… but that doesn’t really work so well since everyone has good and bad days and it’s the bad days that are most important to get a little extra coaching or motivation. Now, we spot a problem quickly, give help where it’s needed and then celebrate successful outcomes as a team.

I underestimated how big the change in motivation was going to be… it’s a must-have tool to keep track of your offers, see percentage-wise how much am I calling now as compared to last month and ensure all of our teams are on track for quota or budget completion. It’s easy to see last month or last week’s performance and compare it to the current time so you know whether you are sending as many offers and closing as many deals or if you need to step it up a bit.

Celebrating Success in Style

The celebrations have become a much bigger part of our company culture than I initially thought… it keeps us aware of who is performing the best today and therefore gives everyone else a target to chase after; so now, everyone is working like it is their best day. It’s definitely a big highlight to have SalesScreen play your celebration song when you close a deal or register a new activity. We have a going joke that the goal should be to make your colleagues hate your celebration songs because they seem them so often.

Now with YouTube videos, it’s even more fun to show something funny to the office when you achieve a goal and of course it makes everyone laugh, which makes the office culture even better. Internally, you kind of say “I’m a little tired today, but if this other guy is registering lots of calls and booking meetings and showing up with TV celebrations, I want to be up there with him… I want to beat him. I want people to look at me and see how hard I am working also.”

A funny story, we had a new sales member in the office today; it was their very first day and when they made their first sale, they yelled for everyone to come down and watch it come in on the TVs and then the whole office was laughing and celebrating. Think of that for a first day! Everyone knows who you are now, everyone celebrates, and everyone also knows remembers that sales really is fun, despite some tough moments here and there.

Driving Performance with Competitions

Competitions are great… we do the lottery competition quite often and everyone has a chance to win. Before we focused only on biggest sale, but that can quickly be demotivating for other salespeople and actually cause more problems. Now we have weekly competitions and you get lottery tickets based on how much you sell, but then everyone can win. We have lots of fun prizes from small things up to more expensive items sometimes and it’s just fun to watch how focused everyone is when we close the weekly meeting and spin the wheel!

Leading the Way with Leaderboards

Salespeople always want to be noticed for their contributions. We’re competitive people and we perform much better if we have some colleague to chase after. Everyone wants to be first place; that’s just how sales is and using leaderboards makes it fun to see who’s on top and what it takes to climb into first place. When we use leaderboards, we see that the entire office becomes focused on certain goals, such as phone calls or MRR.


When we started with SalesScreen, I didn’t expect to get everything in one package. I was prepared to have to integrate with several other platforms to get all the information we need or even build something internally, but we never had to do that. It has had everything we need, and it’s even better than my expectations.

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