The first step to solving problems is identifying them.

To create customizable solutions to help propel your sales teams, SalesScreen first helps identify the top pain points and challenges that commonly hinder the modern sales team.

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Do my teams have enough pipeline to hit goal?

Whether you lack strong leads, or if the MQL/SQL trend is falling, or you’re just looking to build a better environment for your sales team, SalesScreen can counteract pipeline concerns with our innovative approach to sales blitzes.

How can everyone see where they stand?

Reps and managers continually want to know where the gaps are and what they can do to stay ahead of the competition. SalesScreen’s customizable dashboards, leaderboards, and scorecards always put your goals in clear view.
What are the best sellers doing?
What are the best sellers doing?

What are the best sellers doing?

The sales game is a competitive one and sellers want to know how they’re measuring up against their peers. Our platform provides trends and metrics that supports personal accountability, so you always know who your top dog is.

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What are the best sellers doing?

The results speak for themselves.

We call it the WOW Effect! And you should feel it. Because it makes SalesScreen more than a sales gamification tool. Real results that you can see in our case studies that shouldn’t even be legal.

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Which regions and territories need the most help?

With SalesScreen you get to see who’s doing what, when, where and how much. Not only do we help identify strong and struggling key markets, we create customizable solutions that can motivate under-performing territories so there are no weak links in the chain.

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Where do my individual sellers need coaching?

Managers know that sellers can benefit from coaching but can never get it done due to all the other pressing matters that come with a leadership role. SalesScreen takes a data-driven approach to coaching, ensuring its completion and measuring its impact against revenue.

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