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Allianz is a multinational financial services company headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company is one of the world's largest insurers and financial services groups. We spoke to Jamie Turvill, Direct Sales Team Lead for their UK sales team, on the impact of SalesScreen.


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[SalesScreen] obviously is key to driving performance, keeping people engaged, motivated, and keeping things lighthearted, as well…and, it's quite interactive. We all have the same feed, so we can share in everyone's success.

Jamie Turvill , Direct Sales Team Lead, UK and ROW


Prior to SalesScreen, Allianz was limited in the ways to motivate and incentivize their teams. They needed a platform that would be able to not only unite their global and remote sales teams that span across EMEA and APAC but also drive performance and motivation. Further, they need to be able to align processes with new offices being opened in Asia, which was made difficult because of time differences, among other factors.


After implementing SalesScreen, the UK sales team saw an increase in engagement through the use of competition among their sales teams, leading to a nearly 100% target attainment for the year prior Q4. By running competitions across a variety of metrics, sales leads are able to gain a better understanding of engagement and also encourage friendly banter and camaraderie among the team.

I have quite a bit of fun making the competitions. What I like is that you can comment and like everyone’s sales and the feed that updates the team and that you can add messages of motivation to. I think that's really helpful.

Through running competitions, managers have better insight into who is at the top of the leaderboard consistently and who is falling behind. Not only is this valuable data for managers, but it also provides a level of autonomy for sellers to boost their productivity without being called out directly. Sales leads are already exploring different competition types within SalesScreen to help encourage those middle and bottom performers. The variety of competition types gives managers options for competitions created explicitly to help motivate those sellers that may not always be incentivized by being at the top of the leaderboard.

The fact that you've got the notifications - different pop-ups based on a sale deal size- the person that made the sale can see it, and it makes them feel good, but it also shows the team that someone just made a massive sale and that gives everyone a boost.

Equally engaging has been the introduction of the reward shop. Previously, Allianz was limited in what they could offer their teams as prizes, opting for low-cost options like a day off, but for sellers trying to hit their targets, that was not always the most motivating prize to compete for. By having a variety of incentives, Allianz is able to motivate the team on an individual level with rewards that make the most sense to each seller.

We were quite limited on what we could do. It’s great giving people time off, but in a sales role, you often find yourself working extra hours to your own benefit. So taking time off doesn't always work out. So you might want it, but you end up not taking the time anyway. So the fact that there's the store where you can go crazy or bank coins and then spend it on something larger is really good.

The recently updated mobile app has also proven to be a valuable tool for the Allianz remote teams. Since sales leads are also responsible for sales targets, free time can be hard to come by, and the new mobile app has been especially helpful in staying up-to-date and engaged with their teams when there just hasn’t been enough time in the day.

Obviously, from a management point of view, [SalesScreen mobile app] is good for us. If, for whatever reason, we're busy during working hours, we haven't had a chance to go in and congratulate people or just take a general look. I find it helpful and easy. If you're just sitting on the sofa after work, go in and add a comment. It's definitely an added advantage to have it.

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