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Empower consultants
to excel by visualizing
and recognizing their
daily progress

Build motivation around daily activities by increasing transparency and celebrating progress made – all through the power of gamification.

Instill accountability with SalesScreen

Trusted by
top companies in the recruitment space


Tap into what motivates
every individual on your team

SalesScreen's gamification solution creates an environment that taps into the individual motivational drivers that engage your recruiters, boosting performance and getting your team to goal.


Reinforce good behaviors and build better habits


Instill accountability with actionable real-time data


Recognize hard work with more than just quartely bonuses


Boost productivity on daily activities which lead to big wins


Broadcast wins within daily and ongoing efforts to improve morale

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Top recruitment sales teams succeed with SalesScreen

Leading recruitment clients like Ngage Recruitment, use SalesScreen to engage and motivate their sales teams to goal.


Instill accountability across your whole team

Your recruiter wants to win for themselves and for the company. Give them the tools they need to be self-reliant, accountable, and driven.

Increase transparency by showing agents where they stack up against their peers and where they need to increase their efforts. Recognize milestones reached, encourage team players, and celebrate wins together.

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Quality of Support97%
Ease of Use92%
Likelihood to Recommend97%
Awards and Incentives95%
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NGage Recruitment

NGage, a specialized recruitment agency based in Hoorn, teamed up with SalesScreen to gamify their office and ...

Hinterview - Sales Director

Hinterview - Sales Director - Customer Story

Hinterview - User Story

Hinterview - User Story - Customer Story

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Leading recruitment customers trust SalesScreen to power their workforce.

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Sam Slade
It just adds good vibes to the office, everybody loves that it gets talked about every day. You know, I have to remind everyone to do everything else, but I never have to remind anyone to turn the SalesScreen TV on in the morning.

Sam Slade, Sales Director

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