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Financial Services
Financial Services

Transform agents into top
performers by visualizing
and recognizing progress

Our data visualization tools give managers and agents instant access to actionable real-time data they need to be set up for success. Build motivation around daily activities, while increasing transparency and recognition of progress made – all through the power of gamification.

Instill accountability with SalesScreen
Financial Services

Trusted by top
mortgage, banking
and financial services
organizations globally

Go Coaching
Society Mortgage
Western Pioneer

Tap into what motivates
every player on your team

SalesScreen's gamification solution creates an environment which taps into the psychological drivers that motivate and engage all the different types of players on your sales team. We help sales managers motivate agents to increase the ongoing activities needed to hit goals and see them reach the finish line faster, more efficiently, and more consistently.


Reinforce good behaviors and build better habits


Instill accountability with actionable real-time data


Recognize hard work with more than just quartely bonuses


Boost productivity on daily activities which lead to big wins


Broadcast wins within daily and ongoing efforts to improve morale

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Top financial services teams succeed with SalesScreen

Top clients like Goodleap, Western Pioneer, and UMortgage utilize SalesScreen to engage, connect, and motivate their sales teams to goal.

Goal Attainment Increase
Sales Value Increase
Activity Increase
Sales Increase
We’re industry leaders in


Our customers have spoken and named us leaders on G2’s sales gamification grid. SalesScreen’s white-glove service and visualizations redefine success for mortgage, bank and financial services organizations.

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Gamification Peers
Quality of Support97%
Ease of Use92%
Likelihood to Recommend97%
Awards and Incentives95%
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Find out why our customers love us

Don’t take it from us, hear what our financial services customers say.

Den Gule Banken

Sandnes Sparebank witnessed 200% increase in goal attainment for their customer service teams and a 133% incre...

Sparebank 1 Customer Center

SpareBank 1's customer care center took SalesScreen to the next level by creating their own training and coach...


Read how Blink and SalesScreen partnered to create a dynamic and engaging sales environment that resulted in r...


GoodLeap is a finance technology company that provides consumer finance and mortgage lending to consumers. We ...

Nordax Bank

We sat down with Fredrik and Agnes, Business Development and Analysts for Nordax Bank to discuss the impact of...

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Leading mortgage, banking and financial services customers trust SalesScreen to power their workforce

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Stewart Wallace
We talk about SalesScreen as being the biggest bang for our buck by far. We talk about it all the time when it's on the screens. We have competitions running, the leaderboards up there, and the feed going. We talk about it all the time, and only ever in a positive light.

Stewart Wallace, SDR Manager

Reviewed Favorably By Industry Experts

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