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Read how Blink and SalesScreen partnered to create a dynamic and engaging sales environment that resulted in record-breaking results.


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We talk about SalesScreen as being the biggest bang for our buck by far. We talk about it all the time when it's on the screens. We have competitions running, the leaderboards up there, and the feed going. We talk about it all the time, and only ever in a positive light.

Stewart Wallace , SDR Manager


Shortly after Stewart Wallace joined Blink, he was tasked with building the sales team’s tech stack. After signing a sales intelligence and outreach platform, Wallace knew he needed to find a gamification platform. He already knew gamification worked for his team; Wallace had implemented gamification elements manually with the team like bingo, ringing the gong on the floor, and giving out gift cards. Despite this effort, the team still wasn’t hitting their targets.

I want people to do more activity. I want them to be happy about doing that activity, and I want the effect to be that we hit sales targets. The real pain for me is it takes me so much time. I know that gamification works, but I have to be on the train to work thinking about the game for that day or that week. And so that's really what we were trying to solve and we knew it was specifically gamification we were looking for.


I think it's understanding that different people have different motivations. And I think you can forget that right? It's like you're giving out the same Amazon gift card each week, it's not what motivates people.

Blink’s decision to invest in SalesScreen was driven by their specific need for gamification. They had already witnessed the positive impact of manually gamifying their sales process and wanted a platform to streamline it efficiently. After a disappointing first attempt with budget gamification platform Spinify, Wallace switched to SalesScreen. SalesScreen met his team’s requirements and exceeded expectations with its comprehensive feature set, integration capabilities, and user-friendly interface.

I think it's really brought the team together. Plus, I don't have to spend a lot of time thinking of ideas for competitions... I love the fact that it gives me the prompts. There are 20 or so different competition types, and I love that it recommends competitions based on what I want to do. You're trying to improve the performance of the middle of the pack. Here's a competition for you… Yeah, I love that.

The impact of SalesScreen on the team has been significant. By providing a wide range of competition formats and prompt suggestions, the platform has made gamification effortless, allowing managers to focus on motivating the team rather than struggling to come up with ideas. This has fostered a more cohesive and motivated sales force, leading to improved performance and record-breaking results.

The impact has been enormous on the team, on morale, and on results. We break records in my team all the time, for volume, for quality. When I joined the business, we struggled for a 50% demo attendance rate, believe it or not. And now, we're consistently around 75% attendance - week in, week out, month after month. We break records all the time. And I think honestly it's in part due to SalesScreen… I can't speak highly enough of the product.

According to Wallace, the customer success experience with SalesScreen has been exceptional. From responsiveness to feedback to implementing feature requests, SalesScreen has continually demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction.

The customer success experience has been fantastic…I love the fact that I can go into the feature request platform and drop a suggestion. And you know, I asked for admin-controlled battles, and it's been done. I think it's the first time I've ever made a feature request, and never mind somebody just saying, "we'll look into it." It's already been built and released. Honestly, I couldn't believe it.

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