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Elis Norge AS

Elis Norge AS experienced a 13% increase in total sales during 2018, since starting with SalesScreen last January.



Elis Norge AS

With Salesscreen it became easier to understand how individual activities and sales achievements impact the company’s performances overall.

Yves Lefebure, Project Manager

Elis Norge AS is an international company that supplies textile, hygiene, and facility services–and is a leading player in the 28 countries in which they operate in. With headquarters in Paris, they offer services throughout Europe and Latin America. We spoke with Yves Lefebure who is a project manager for their operations in the Norwegian offices located throughout the country.


Elis Norge AS has used SalesScreen to modernize their sales management process by visualizing sales results, tracking performance on KPIs and increasing activity on key goals such as meetings booked, hit rate and budget completion.

Key changes:

  • 13% increase in sales during 2018 (in Norway)
  • Average number of meetings per employee increased by 10%
  • Increase in motivation and goal completion results due to competitions
  • Increased efficiency in communication
  • Better awareness of overall performance via data visualization dashboards and mobile app


Before SalesScreen, we had had challenges in finding good methods to increase transparency and awareness across team goals. Employees were not able to properly visualize and communicate results in an efficient way, which made it harder to focus on their goals. In addition, they lacked awareness of how their co-workers were performing upon their targets within the sales team.

We also noticed that although overall motivation across the company was fine, on some days people needed a little extra drive to hit their targets, book meetings or register activities. Since everyone relies closely on each other, it sometimes took the wind out of our sails when people were not performing at their best. With high annual targets, we needed a way to keep all of our sales reps performing at their best every single day.


We use SalesScreen to visualize our activities, run competitions and celebrate together as a team. By increasing awareness on our goals, everyone knows where they stand and each person puts more effort towards achieving the targets. It builds a much stronger sense of teamwork when you can see everyone’s results and know that they are also giving their best effort.

The competitions are a fun way to motivate our employees to reach new targets and allows us to set the bar higher than we would usually dare to. It’s really motivating as they see the goal getting closer and everyone gets excited when someone actually reaches it. We’ve had a few company records broken in the short time we’ve used SalesScreen and that is really inspiring.

Our most used feature is the dashboards, which we have customized to show our most important information. The mobile app is also an excellent tool for viewing data and other information on-the-go. Sales is all about motivation and it’s easier to stay motivated when you always know how you are performing.

Driving Results with Competitions

Sales leaders at Elis Norge AS use individual and team competitions to increase focus on a key goal.

We tend to run pretty bold competitions with significantly higher targets then we ever aimed for previously. We’ve broken monthly, weekly and quarterly records since starting with SalesScreen.

Celebrating as a Team

Celebrations on screen have been really fun for us, and they are always receiving a lot of attention when they pop up. It has helped to create more awareness between sales reps–they know what others are doing and how they are performing on budget, and this keeps them on track for reaching their goals. We have also seen an increased efficiency in our communication… since everything appears on screens throughout offices and locations we understand total company performance better and make better strategic decisions. People are generally more aware and there is a friendly competitive atmosphere amongst everyone.

Visualizing Success

Our main reason for choosing SalesScreen was motivation–and visualizing results is a big part of that. We used to communicate results via email, which was both inefficient and boring. Now, our managers are able to run weekly reports meetings on KPIs and it is much easier to see and understand results across the board.

“It’s easier to get motivated when your colleagues are doing well. With SalesScreen, it’s easy to compare yourself to others and keep up good results. You can see the activity level of how many meetings a rep has booked, so you are more motivated to keep your numbers higher.”

Our customized dashboards reflect our most important information, and this is available for everyone to see. We have more transparency, and we see that performance is up as a result. Specifically, we had a 13% increase in total sales during 2018 with no new salespeople, and this was huge growth for us, even by international standards.


It is so much easier to see and understand results across the board. This means it’s easier for managers to track and motivate performance and it’s easier for individual sales reps to find the inner drive to crush their targets every single day when they come in the office.

Success isn’t always about huge momentous growth… it’s usually about keeping a slow and steady pace of increasing results, which is exactly what SalesScreen allows us to focus on. More awareness, more friendly competition between the teams, and more desire to be the top performer makes every single day a new challenge and that is where the real growth happens.

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