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SalesScreen allows us to do the important sales management tasks quicker and more efficiently while providing more motivation to sales reps. It has helped us transform into a truly modern sales force.

Kristoffer Erga, Owner and CEO, Erga & Partnere, If forsikring (External Partner)

Many sales organizations who turn to SalesScreen already have a solid set of goals, clearly defined KPIs, efficient sales teams and great leadership. So, what can they possibly stand to gain from a sales enablement platform?

To answer this question, we sat down with Kristoffer Erga, the owner of a series of sales teams at Erga & Partnere AS, which sells insurance services for one of the largest insurance companies in the Nordics, IF Forsikring. Kristoffer has been working in insurance sales for 15 years now, over half of which spent as a manager or owner. He currently oversees 25 sales reps across 4 offices and his sales force is quickly growing.

In his own words, Kristoffer says “We were already manually doing many of the things SalesScreen does. SalesScreen simply allows us to do them quicker, more efficiently and provide more motivation to sales reps. It has helped us transform into a truly modern sales force.”

When asked about the biggest benefit he sees form SalesScreen as a sales director, he says that three primary advantages stand out.

  • Saving Time
  • Bringing team together
  • Motivating staff

Saving Time

SalesScreen saves Kristoffer and his team countless hours on administrative tasks by allowing them to quickly see, enter and understand their data. Instead of spending time entering data into spreadsheets or searching for reports from the previous year, the information can be entered with a couple of simple clicks and sorted into customizable graphs, tables or charts for whatever timeframe he needs.

Previously, our teams used Microsoft Excel which was a very labor-intensive process. It worked, but it was a drain on time, especially when there are many other things to do. SalesScreen’s built-in reporting feature greatly reduces the workload required for data entry and data retrieval.

SalesScreen’s KPI slides and leaderboards also provide all the vital information at a glance. Rather than sifting through numbers to try and get an understanding of progress, Kristoffer and his team can simply look up at the TV screens to get an understanding of individual and company performance. This also greatly reduces the time that he must spend traveling between the offices to follow up on the local sales managers and the teams’ results.

SalesScreen lets us quickly report, visualize and understand our sales data. This gives me much more free time to focus on other critical tasks such as growing a company and conducting proper sales coaching for our reps. Plus, I can take all of the data with me which is important because I travel often and don’t want to miss out on updates.

Bringing Teams Together

Before cloud-based systems, running sales contests or celebrating achievements across separated offices was nearly impossible. With 4 offices to supervise, how can a sales leader continuously let his sales reps know that their efforts are recognized and appreciated? Most sales managers needed to compile lists and send emails of progress daily. Bringing together separated offices is much easier with SalesScreen.

As Kristoffer explains, “Now we can view updates across the company in real-time, send messages, challenge colleagues in head-to-head contests and do a lot more that brings us all together as a team. It used to be that we’d only meet up all together once or twice a year at a Christmas party or something and we’d having lots of catching-up to do. Now, everyone is aware and the conversations start off with “great sale last month…” or something like that. It’s exciting and rewarding for them and it makes the sales day more fun.”

SalesScreen is a great fit for us because we can bring people together in a way that wasn’t possible before. We find ourselves building this sales culture where everyone knows each other and acknowledges the good work being done.

Motivating Staff

Motivating staff is not necessarily difficult. However, keeping them motivated and consistently creating meaningful rewards and praise can be very hard. Having worked in sales management for many years, Kristoffer is no stranger to motivating performance. He’s used whiteboards and sales bells and he’s run plenty of competitions using spreadsheets. After a while, even the best sales tactics become stale and overlooked. How can managers avoid this?

Kristoffer tells us that motivation is all about knowing and engaging people. It’s about keeping things new, interesting and providing rewards for clearly defined goals. He says “Being able to change things up and continuously provide new rewards and celebrations means that the excitement stays. As SalesScreen is always building something new, it means there’s always new tools to motivate people. I don’t have to search forever to find new ideas either. This is great because motivation is really important to a sales rep’s life and having some fun and play in work is very important.”

People are bored with whiteboards and such; having all of our data visible throughout the offices on TV screens is unique. It makes us look, feel and act like a modern sales team and our reps appreciate that.

Seeing the Value

Finally, we had to ask Kristoffer the logical question: “Considering that SalesScreen does much of what your sales teams were already doing, are you happy with your decision to purchase SalesScreen?”

Yes, of course. It saves us time and makes my job much easier by giving a quick and clear overview, plus it allows me to take the data with me and always stay informed. For the sales reps, it gives them something fun at work and helps us to properly recognize achievements even when we’re really busy. Nobody wants to go back to the old version.

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