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GoodLeap is a finance technology company that provides consumer finance and mortgage lending to consumers. We spoke to Strategic Support Specialist, Michaela Brown, on how SalesScreen positively impacts their Mortgage Sales division.




SalesScreen is a key source of truth that our Sales team uses to monitor their productivity throughout the day, which is extremely helpful. We also use it in our company meetings that we have about twice a month. Our entire sales team will come together where we put on a PowerPoint with screenshots from the dashboards and achievements earned to showcase team accomplishments. The dashboards and reports have been able to help us with data analysis more than I thought was possible.

Michaela Brown , Strategic Support Specialist


Goodleap needed a tool to monitor their various customer-related metrics, such as the number of leads taken each day, key performance metrics, and closed loans. They also wanted something that would motivate and incentivize their sales team. Since implementing SalesScreen, sales managers have been able to easily track statistics and loan officer progress at any given time. Moreover, the team embraces the competitive aspect, often utilizing the tool for exciting competitions and rewards to foster motivation within the sales team.


Since onboarding with SalesScreen, Goodleap has seen an increase in engagement, with the help of TV screens around the office, which are key to driving motivation and competition within their sales teams. These screens keep the entire team informed of competition status and also give a quick view of when milestones in the competition happen. They particularly shine during their annual competitions, which run for several months and get the entire team excited and engaged.

It's really fun to use. The dashboards make it a lot easier to track, and competitions are engaging. They also love the rewards. It's like they have something more than their paycheck to work towards because a paycheck is something normal that you expect, but with the rewards, it's something different and out of the box. It's just a little bit more tangible.

Every year, Goodleap orchestrates two major annual competitions—one for all sales staff and another specifically tailored for managers. The managers' competition integrates their team's stats, which gets everyone involved and invested in the winners, creating a really exciting and competitive atmosphere.

We have specific screens set up to view specific dashboards and stats. And people always look at those dashboards, especially when we have our big annual competition going on.

SalesScreen has revolutionized GoodLeap’s competition dynamics, replacing cumbersome Excel spreadsheets and allowing real-time visibility into competition standings. The ease of use and intuitive design of SalesScreen have made it an integral part of their operations, empowering admins and sales teams alike to swiftly create, manage, and track competitions.

I really want to give props to SalesScreen; they're able to take these competitions, and we don't have to worry about it. Before SalesScreen, we had to check everything in an Excel spreadsheet and then announce updates in a meeting, and now anybody, at any point in the year, can go and take a look and see where they're at.

Furthermore, the platform's reporting features have been a beacon of accuracy and truth, providing a reliable source of data analysis. Especially in the challenging mortgage market, SalesScreen's usage has surged during the market's resurgence, acting as a visual testament to their improving performance and encouraging a deeper engagement with the platform.

There are over 100 loan officers, so they can go and find themselves and think, “Okay, here's where I am, here are the people that are placed above me, here's how many points away I am from being in the next place up”, and without that they had to wait to see where they stood. And it was always so frustrating. Now, it's just “Oh, I can look in SalesScreen and see where I'm at in the competition.”

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