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How Acrisure Achieved 45% Year-Over-Year Growth In New Revenue Using SalesScreen

Read how Acrisure's sales enablement program Accelerator saw a 45% YoY revenue growth with SalesScreen.


Fintech - Insurance

SalesScreen is a must have. Some organizations have layers and layers of management and that lends to accountability…that's not our business model. You've got a couple of people overseeing thousands of salespeople. How can you get the outcomes you desire? Well, SalesScreen becomes my sales manager who I can count on to check in with my salespeople and keep them motivated to make just one more call.

Rob Erfurt, Director of Sales Strategy


Acrisure, the world’s fastest-growing fintech company specializing in insurance, was looking for a tool that could work as a partner in their sales development program Accelerator. Director of Sales Strategy, Rob Erfurt, led the charge to tackle developing the initiative and worked with several partners to help create a unique, three-part program to transform new employees into effective, confident, and accountable sellers.


Acrisure Insurance created Accelerator, a proprietary three-phase Sales Enablement program with the goal of setting up new sellers for success by changing their behaviors around the sales process. Accelerator begins with three weeks of dedicated training with Acrisure’s LMS (Learning Management System), followed by an off-site that lets participants create strategies, craft value propositions, and engage in hands-on activities with mentors and sales leaders.

The final phase is implemented back home and has sellers applying their skills to the real world with the guidance of their coaches from the off-site. While these types of events can boost performance, maintaining high productivity post-event can be challenging.

It was also important for Acrisure to find a way to get the results they wanted and influence the behavior of their salespeople for the long term. This is where SalesScreen shines; by implementing a gamification platform, Accelerator participants were naturally more motivated and accountable for hitting their goals.

SalesScreen’s gamification increased productivity through competitions and leaderboards and incentivized sellers through recognition and financial rewards. SalesScreen empowered Acrisure’s sales reps to set their own goals and ensured individual success through real-time progress tracking and engaging dashboards.

Acrisure’s investment in their sellers and in finding the right partners to build Accelerator resulted in a 45% year-over-year growth in new revenue. Although that isn’t the only good news to come out of the program, after a survey of every participant that went through the program, it received a 100% satisfaction rating coupled with enthusiastic endorsements from participants, solidifying Accelerator's impact.

Looking ahead, the program plans to expand to add 400 more participants in 2024. The success of Accelerator, fueled by SalesScreen, is a testament to the importance of a people-first approach that focuses on motivating, recognizing, and coaching. In a world often dominated by spreadsheets and goals, Acrisure's focus on validating its salespeople not only allows them to hit their company goals but also creates happier and more successful salespeople.

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