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We spoke to Call Center Manager, Gunnar Thoroddsen, on how Nova leverages SalesScreen to instill autonomy, foster team cohesion, and drive performance.




The main success story is tracking everything and having all the teams look at it every single day. The managers don’t have to call out who needs to step up; it's just like everyone can see it all the time. We didn't even have to ask people to check their own stats. They're just on top of it. So that's big for us.

Gunnar Thoroddsen, Call Center Manager & Coach


Nova, a telecom company, has rapidly expanded its product line and market share over the past few years—from offering just phone lines to now including everything from phone lines to fiber connections and full internet packages. They wanted SalesScreen primarily to help shift from an individual-based to a team-based commission structure, enhance competitiveness, and boost morale among their sales teams.


SalesScreen helped facilitate the transition from individual-focused to team-oriented commission structures, fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual support among sales teams. By aligning incentives with collective goals and targets, the company witnessed improved cohesion and teamwork, resulting in enhanced overall performance and shared success.

We used to have a compensation structure where it's very much individual based. So your performance, specifically, is your bonus. But we wanted to move towards a team approach around our commission. SalesScreen was a great way for us to add more of a team element and add targets on different teams.

Leveraging SalesScreen's gamification features, such as competitions and leaderboards, injected a healthy dose of competition into the company culture. This not only fueled motivation but also sparked a drive among sales teams to outperform each other, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue growth.

We are a very competitive bunch. We love getting in athletes - people who just want to hit their targets, so we absolutely love doing competitions. I think we knew we would love the competitions, for sure. But what I see the group engaging with the most is the dashboards. Being able to show all the data and people tracking day by day, how their team is doing and how they as individuals are doing, and also just being able to compare to each other.
I would definitely say the sales group, in general, has improved performance. We love it, and we definitely don't want to stop using it. You know the feeling of getting your YouTube clip on the screen when you're selling something - even when we have new people that come in for the first day. They're like, “What is that? That is so cool.” It's become part of a culture now.

SalesScreen's easy-to-read dashboards, streak tracking, and celebratory features became integral to boosting morale and motivation within the teams. The visibility of individual and team achievements instilled a sense of pride and accomplishment, creating a positive work culture and sustained high performance.

Here in the call center, we have screens on every wall. People love changing up their celebrations, putting a little personality to their sales. And if we have some sort of internet issue or it even drops out for five minutes, people are like, “What the hell, what happened to sales?” So, yeah, it's definitely become a big part of the call center.
We can tell a difference when there's a competition running. The competitions are huge. The motivation to to get your team to get to that 100% on the dashboard where everyone else can see that's, that's big. And also the streaks, I think that's a pretty good thing. I have a team now who's was on the longest streak, and we're having a little bit of a rough month here in the call center, but this one team has the longest streak, and they're like, "We are not losing the streak.”

While acknowledging various contributing factors to performance improvements, SalesScreen emerged as a central tool for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing performance metrics. By setting clear targets and providing real-time feedback, SalesScreen empowered sales teams to focus their efforts efficiently, resulting in measurable gains in productivity and sales outcomes.

It's become part of us. When it comes to our sales teams, it's the main thing we look at when it comes to our data. And it's a tool that we can use if we need a boost somewhere and that's really comforting to have as a manager and as a company. If we struggle in X, we can activate a competition or something like that. And the reward store is massive just to get that little extra boost. And what's really interesting, it really depends on the person - what they look at in SalesScreen. Some people just look at the numbers. Some people are looking at the coins in the reward shop. Others are absolutely obsessed with the levels in the ranks. And it's just it's really different from person to person.

SalesScreen has helped streamline managerial tasks related to performance monitoring, reporting, and incentive management. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting capabilities enabled managers to make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate successes effectively, ultimately driving operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness.

It's usually the first thing I check every day just to see how we're doing. We look at everything on a month-by-month basis. And I can quickly calculate, this is what we need per day, so it makes my day-to-day focus much easier. Also, for performance reviews, being able to quickly look at how this staff member is doing compared to others. Being able to look back in time as well, that really helps. A lot of things in SalesScreen make my life a lot easier.

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