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Proaktiv has seen a 34% increase in revenue and a 21% increase in total sales while using SalesScreen to focus on key targets.


Real Estate


Driving activity on the right things at the right time is very important for us in real estate. Doing this means we have more motivated employees who can see and understand that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves.

Mads Kirkeslett, Real Estate Agent

Proaktiv is one of Norway’s leading real estate agencies, founded in 2005 and with a new brand name in 2013. Their vision is to enrich the customer experience through a performance-based approach to the buying and selling process. Proaktiv sets themselves apart from other real estate companies with a focus on quality. They spend a considerable amount of time on every property and customer, in order to ensure the best possible relationship. With 19 offices and about 150 employees throughout Norway, they maintain 92.49% positive feedback from customers.

One of Proaktiv’s primary goals was to improve performance by increasing activity on the targets that they know lead to more deals and happier customers. In order to do this, they were searching for a sales management tool that could highlight good performance, increase friendly competition and display sales information in real-time.

Since starting with SalesScreen, Proaktiv has achieved:

  • 33.85% increase in earnings
  • 21% increase in total sales
  • 7.83% increase in contracts signed
  • 7.42% increase in average commission
  • 4.39% increase in customer satisfaction

The Problem

Problem 1: Creating awareness on Targets

Solution: Real-time data on TV, mobile phones and web app

We wanted to build stronger connections between assigned tasks and company goals. We know that our agents perform better when they can see how their results directly impact the team. Rather than waiting days or hours to pull reports and dig through information, we want to build awareness on targets in real-time.

SalesScreen gives us an overview of all sales info with easy to understand graphs, charts and diagrams. In addition, the music, videos and celebrations bring attention to TV screens so the whole office is aware of what’s going on. When we are constantly reminded about the targets and who is performing well, we naturally want to do more of what it takes to ensure we reach our goals too.

We like to be competitive; we believe it drives more activity and creates an environment where everyone feels awake and alive.

When someone closes a sale, the other employees see it, and of course they are naturally competitive so they also want to also close a new sale so they can feel like they are contributing.

Anytime I’m out at lunch for example and hear the phone ringing, I’m always checking instantly to see what the new sale or activity is–and then that keeps me also driving to do more because I want to stay at the top.

It’s a tool for lifting everyone and placing a focus on the success that we are seeing as a result of everyone’s combined efforts. Sales is a tough job… one week you may be on top, and the next you may be struggling. SalesScreen makes it easy for agents to lift each other up or ignite that competitive fire to get them back in the game.

Problem 2: Driving activity on key metrics

Solution: More sales competitions with more ways to win

We had a strong desire to increase friendly competition between agents and to boost the learning of skills that lead to more productive teams and better revenue generation. Just like any company, our employees are not always in competitive mode, which may be due to any number of factors.

Using SalesScreen, we run a wide variety of fun competitions brings to keep agents motivated, competitive and hungry for a win.

Our company launches lots of competitions… right now in December it’s starting to be cold, dark and a slow period for new listings or sales which means that the motivational curve can go down a bit, so we launch competitions to get things back on track. We offer some fun prizes, add photos of them into the system and then people compete to win some Christmas gifts. It brings a lot of joy to what could otherwise be a slow time of year.

This month, our core goal is to get properties published on the market, so we can increase our market share in a period which is usually quite slow in activity. So, when you reach a number of published properties this month you get a cash prize. That way everyone goes into the next year with a more filed portfolio/pipeline and the agents have a little extra Christmas cheer to buy gifts for loved ones.

We know the metrics that are most important to our success and SalesScreen is the perfect tool for ensuring that we drive activity on those key metrics in a way that is engaging and motivating. We measure what goes into the pipeline, how many touchpoints it takes to close, average commission, and other important stats that both management and agents care about.

It’s not so motivating to look at only my numbers. I want to see how everyone is doing and how I am measuring up to colleagues. That is fun. That allows me to grow, challenge myself and feel like I’m really contributing to our success.

SalesScreen is contributing to help us direct where we want employees to put their efforts. Driving activity on the right things at the right time is very important for us in real estate. Doing this means we have more motivated employees who can see and understand that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves.

Problem 3: Promoting a closer relationship between employees and company

Solution: Use TVs to show company ideals, mission, values and leaderboards

We want to stay at the top of mind for our employees just as we do for our customers. We want to be known as a fun, exciting workplace where it really means something to work for Proaktiv. We want our agents to know that we are the best and to remember this whether they are in the office or out visiting properties.

People want to feel like a part of something important. When the company name is continuously branded in front of them in the hallways and on screens, you feel like part of something more. You feel a pride and team spirit that comes through in every aspect of your work. It results in better performance, tighter connections with colleagues and stronger culture.

It’s also really important for people to understand their performance on targets over time and to see who is driving the most activity. We use leaderboards to show top performers in key areas that we want to focus on, and that drives more people to want to work their way to the top.

Problem 4: Increasing collaboration to improve win rate

Solution: Use the data to help each other on a personal level

One unique feature of SalesScreen is that we’ve found the sharing of information and the collaboration between colleagues has increased in a way we didn’t expect. As an example, if someone books a meeting with a prospect, that information shows on TVs throughout our offices and then if someone maybe had a friend who grew up there and knows the house, the area or the customer particularly well, then they can reach out and help provide more information that is likely to result in a more accurate valuation of the property and better information to prospective buyers who want to learn about the area.

Here in Trøndelag, we have 3 offices… so, we compete on various levels: region, office, and individual employee results. At the employee level, you always want to beat the other guys there in the office with you. At the office level, we want our office to be the best of the 3 here in this area. And on the regional level, we want our office to be the best in all of Norway. For example, the Bergen area is famous for performing well, so we want to keep them in focus as a key target to beat.

SalesScreen gives us the tools to be able to compete in all of these ways, while still keeping the core focus on our customers and our company goals.


When we first started looking for sales performance management tools like SalesScreen, we knew that our primary goal was to increase awareness of progress on key activities. Thanks to the leaderboards and other data, we now have a much better overview of how many customers are being visited, signed, followed-up with, and so on. We have improved our ability to focus on the customer and also our ability to have more fun at work while being more productive.

SalesScreen has helped us to place more focus on our key targets and to better understand our sales process at different levels. We’re more competitive, more engaged and overall more effective.

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