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Quotatis delivered record-breaking performance on their most important KPIs, closing out 2016 above target by identifying gaps, coaching effectively and making it fun.




With SalesScreen it’s so easy to monitor where we are in terms of hitting our target for the month and this drives the team to do more... it has improved the efficiency and productivity of each salesperson massively.

Jack Lenton, Sales Team Leader, Quotatis UK LTD

Quotatis is Europe's #1 consumer and business quotation service. They connect homeowners with vetted contractors in France, Spain & the UK across the whole breadth of home improvements. Plus, they provide consumers with free quotes for any work they may want done and then provide tradespeople with qualified leads in their chosen geographical area, thus connecting need with opportunity in a fast, efficient and professional manner.


Quotatis generates 1,000 sales leads per month in the U.K. alone and they wanted a solution to quickly analyze and understand their sales data in real-time in order to provide coaching and direct support on the most important KPIs that lead to sales. SalesScreen helped them to gather the data, understand performance outcomes and recognize both team and individual achievements, resulting in a much stronger sales culture. By saving time and energy, SalesScreen allows Quotatis' sales managers to quickly gather data, run sales contests, improve performance on KPIs and focus on what matters most.

What are some of your pain points in sales?

Some of our pain points were the analysis of the team’s achievements in real-time to the target and seeing that instantly. Also analyzing which KPI’s need to be improved upon for each individual or as a team to better understand where our coaching efforts can be put towards.

We also struggled with showing what each sale contributes to the target & what is needed to reach the target. Knowing this is imperative to the motivation of the team and driving them to keep going.

How does SalesScreen help you?

With SalesScreen it’s so easy to monitor where we are in terms of hitting our target for the month and this drives the team to do more, compete with one another and be the best in the team. It has allowed for a fun & competitive edge to the environment to see who can be at the top with the challenges between individuals starting as fun but taken seriously while competing has improved the efficiency and productivity of each salesperson massively.

It also allowed us to recognize what coaching was needed within the team individually and as a whole team on certain KPI’s so that we can focus our efforts on coaching those specific KPI’s that are a weakness to the team. This saves us time and energy by focusing on the right things rather than targeting coaching time at something that the sales reps are already exceeding at. Simply put, it helps us to find the weak points and focus our efforts on the right management tasks.

My job has become easier and more fun because when the music plays we all join in as a team (if we’re not on the phone) to congratulate that win and keep the positive vibe within the office flowing. Before, we could shout and rave about about the wins but not everyone would joining in.

SalesScreen helped us to achieve our budget last year in terms of volume of sales targeted and it has helped us to kick off with a great start in sales for 2017. With the various information and data it gives you from a management perspective it’s so easy and fascinating to look at. The competitions are a great way to not only increase productivity and competition within your team, it’s also great fun that helps motivate people and get the positive juices flowing!

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