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Social Blue used SalesScreen to boost engagement by 200% across offices and different locations.


Social Media Marketing

Social Blue

Without asking, 85% of our reps are consequently entering their activities into Salesforce.

Bart Kramer, Chief Sales Officer, Social Blue

Social Blue generates high quality leads, we focus on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. We create ads, develop landing pages, shoot photos, record videos, and buy media – whatever a campaign needs.

Social Blue consists of 70 specialists with 20 different nationalities working in 4 offices to generate 7.5 million leads per year for over 150 clients around the world. That is exactly why Socials Blue chose to implement SalesScreen. We were looking for a way to connect our offices, drive engagement and create a team, despite differences in location and time. Also we want to confront our people, in a fun and non-obtrusive way, with the most important sales data from our CRM.

We started using SalesScreen because we wanted to boost engagement across offices and different locations. We are 200% successful in realizing that objective thanks to SalesScreen.


We came in contact with SalesScreen through posts on LinkedIn. When we were looking for a solution to drive engagement, we requested a Demo, we were instantly sold.

We use Salesforce as a CRM system. Salespeople are very focused on themselves, when they are working in Salesforce, they look at their own results, not each other’s. We wanted to boost engagement by getting our sales reps in contact with each other and provide them with a comprehensive overview of what is happening in across our offices.

What is funny is that the SalesScreen feed is used like a Facebook timeline.

We succeeded for 200% in creating more engagement

Our salespeople are self-reliant and enjoy much freedom with regards to activities and their decision making process. However, to enable them to make the best decisions, we believe it is important to keep our reps informed on each other’s activities, in a fun way. Despite the different locations SalesScreen keeps everyone engaged and we get inspired by our colleagues. For example by identifying new business opportunities, everyone sees when a deal is closed with a customer in a certain industry that has not been explored by our offices in different parts of the world. We see this as a great opportunity to learn from each other and identify new opportunities.

Everyone logs on to SalesScreen daily, even our CEO checks it constantly to keep tabs on what’s going on. Everyone reacts to each other like on Facebook and because we stimulate each other, engagement grows.

SalesScreen enables our different offices to connect and drives engagement, that was our goal and we succeeded for 200%.

CRM adoption

Nobody likes to structurally come in at the bottom and when you know you’re not doing so good, you probably won’t look up in Salesforce just how bad you’re doing compared to your peers. With SalesScreen reps are confronted with their results and this stimulates them in a positive way to step it up.

The KPI’s that we monitor were always well documented in Salesforce: amount of proposals, number of new customers and amount of deals made. The activities however were never properly submitted, since we’ve been showing activities on the screens, we are noticing that activities are registered and we haven’t even asked our people to do this. It concerns new reps that are with us for less than a year, which is about 80% to 85%. This way we are keeping each other in the loop.

Without asking 85% of our reps are consequently entering their activities into Salesforce.

Working more efficiently

The benefit that I appreciate most is to have a full overview of what is happening, I believe that my sales people are working hard, but before SalesScreen I didn’t have a clear view of the day to day activities in for example Toronto. You can look up results in Salesforce, however that takes a lot of time; you have to log on, select the required data and create the overview, in addition, all activities have to be registered to get a complete overview.

Before I didn’t know exactly what was going on in, for example, Toronto. Now I know what is happening.

With SalesScreen this is much easier. I only use Salesforce once a week to look at our progress ‘in depth’. The rest of the time I stay informed through SalesScreen. This doesn’t take me long and it provides the overview that I need.

The ‘fun’ element

One of our biggest challenges was to create that ‘team spirit’. SalesScreen enables a fun and relaxed environment and the friendly competition helps to motivate our people. If I want to challenge them by showing who is closing the largest number of deals, I instigate a competition and everyone gets involved. Pulling pranks on each other is inherent to sales teams, that is why the steel a gift competition is one of the favorites. It doesn’t matter what the gift is, if someone in Melbourne has won a bottle of Champagne, the guys in Hoorn think it’s hilarious when it isn’t there anymore when they come into the office the next morning.

SalesScreen ensures a fun atmosphere amongst coworkers.

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