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Sparebank 1 Customer Center

SpareBank 1's customer care center took SalesScreen to the next level by creating their own training and coaching program around the software.


Customer Care

Sparebank 1 Customer Center

SalesScreen has helped us to establish a clear organizational strategy and build a real performance culture. The information is intuitive and easy-to-use for both sales reps and managers, which is very important because we are so busy.

Siri Søyland, Sales Manager, SpareBank 1 Customer Center

SpareBank 1’s Customer Care center is the main hub for most of the bank’s customer support cases throughout Norway, servicing approximately 300,000 customers per year. In addition, they sell a variety of products ranging from bank products to insurances. With old and outdated software, their sales teams were falling behind and performance was not reaching its maximum potential. They turned to SalesScreen to visualize their data, motivate their sales teams, and boost performance. The results speak for themselves.

The Problem

We needed to understand our data quicker so that we could take action to improve performance. At the time, we had a homemade measurement tool where employees would manually enter all of their data into spreadsheets. Plus, we had to wait until the end of the month to collect and analyze the reports in order to understand our progress. Sometimes salespeople ignored entering their data altogether because it was such a tedious process… which meant that our numbers were off. It was chaotic.

We also had no way to clearly pursue our training and development strategy. As a result of being unable to see the data, the reps were unmotivated because they had no idea how they were performing in comparison to their budget goals or to each other. We didn’t have any good way of running competitions to fix those problems because the information was not current.

Entering all of the data was boring and time consuming… salespeople were unmotivated because they didn’t understand their progress… Sometimes, they ignored entering their data altogether because it was such a tedious process. It was chaotic.

SpareBank 1 needed something that could visualize their data in real-time, eliminate the time-consuming process of entering data into spreadsheets, and motivate their sales teams.

The Solution

SalesScreen replaced the tedious typing and the boring spreadsheets with a simple, easy-to-use software system and boosted motivation by implementing fun competitions.“Being able to analyze data in real-time allows us to focus our time and efforts on supporting the salespeople who need it most. I’m not spending long hours looking over spreadsheets anymore so I have more time to focus on the important things”, Siri says.

In addition, the sales reps are more engaged and motivated because they understand their progress and they have clearly defined goals to work towards. They always enter their data now because it’s fast and easy and they can instantly see the results. All of the salespeople want their face on the Wall of Fame leaderboard. We only show the top 3, so it gives them something to strive towards. They like that it’s constantly changing with new leaders because it keeps things interesting it’s not always just the same people. Everyone gets up there occasionally and that makes them proud.

SalesScreen has also made it easy for SpareBank 1 to recognize great performance and provide meaningful rewards. The reps really like it because it’s much easier for our managers to recognize their performance now. We can see their faces on the screens with music when they complete an activity and we also get instant mobile notifications, which allow us to go and congratulate them. They really like being recognized for a job well done.

SalesScreen allows us to see the data in real-time, easily recognize performance through leaderboards and app notifications, and provide employees with detailed feedback or congratulations on their performance.

Creating a Customized Training Program

SpareBank 1 took SalesScreen to the next level by creating their own training and coaching program around the software. We have created a training program around SalesScreen that allows us to focus tips, learning materials, and instruction on individual salespeople based on the data we have now. As a sales coach, I quickly know if the coaching and support I have been giving are helpful. We can also compare the reps based on hours logged or other statistics in order to measure two similar salespeople and see where we can improve them. It has really helped to improve our overall performance!

We have built our own training and development program around SalesScreen because we can now coach our salespeople and see direct results. We don’t have to wait forever to analyze the data and see if there have been improvements.

With a tailor-made training program to accompany SalesScreen, SpareBank 1 finally has a clear way to pursue their training and development strategy. We needed something to help provide a clear path and show us if we were doing well in our development program. SalesScreen provides all of the data we need to understand what techniques are working for each sales rep. This allows us to work with them directly, view the data together, ask important questions, and add knowledge which contributes to more sales.

Taking Personal Ownership

SpareBank 1 has also been able to give salespeople more flexibility and ownership over setting their personal budgets since the reps now clearly understand their performance. We allow our salespeople to determine what they think they can sell and then create a budget based on their projections. We can do this because SalesScreen makes it possible to see budgets and forecasts so that each person understands their performance and can set personal goals.

When asked whether setting personal budgets has made a difference in sales outcomes, Siri is quite proud of her 50+ salespeople. “Actually, their confidence has improved. The total sum of their personal budgets is higher than we had initially forecasted for our organization budget, but they are doing very well. In fact, as of now, they are on target for their goals and at least 2 of our products are performing much higher than we had projected… which is really great because they are our products that are more difficult to sell.”

We give the reps more personal ownership now to set their own budgets because they can see their data and forecasts in SalesScreen. Our organization’s budget goals have actually increased as a result!

Recognizing Great Performance

When SpareBank 1’s sales reps close a deal, everyone celebrates… fellow salespeople, managers, and even the CEO get in on the fun now. Our CEO uses that app all the time while he travels. He’s away in meetings a lot but now he can keep track of performance and he likes to send personal messages in the chat to congratulate our reps. It means a lot to them and it really boosts their day when they know the CEO recognizes them.

Even our CEO gets involved now. He congratulates them in the office or sends messages in the app while he’s away. The sales reps love it. I believe that recognition means even more to them than awards or gifts.

The reps love seeing their faces on the wall or doing competitions. They do competitions every day now. They have a lot of fun with it and they even clap, high-five, and congratulate each other. We run competitions for different products also so that different employees are always winning.

We have much more of a performance culture and team environment since using SalesScreen!

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