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Trailstone Insurance Group

Trailstone Insurance is a full-service independent insurance agency. Started in 2013, Trailstone has grown 40% year over year since 2013 and contributes much of its success to its forward-thinking approach to adopting new technology and employee happiness. We spoke to Sales Director, Ken Abel, about how SalesScreen has helped contribute to Trailstone’s growth.



Trailstone Insurance Group

That's why we were looking for gamification because if it's fun, people will follow along and participate more.

Ken Abel , Sales Director


Trailstone was looking for a gamification tool that would help visualize their data and connect their individual contractors while working remotely. A proponent and adopter of technology within the notoriously behind-the-times insurance industry, Trailstone recognized the importance of having a tool that would provide an element of fun, create more engagement, and visualize sales data across all teams.


Trailstone Insurance puts their customers at the forefront of everything they do, which is why they understand that to create the best experience for their customers, they had to start in-house, with their own teams.

That's always been the intent. We want people to have a lifestyle that they can enjoy. That's our ultimate goal here - to serve others to enrich their lives. When you're an agent, you're doing that for your clients, but as management and owners and leadership, our agents are our clients, right? So, our goal for our agents is to have an incredible lifestyle.

Implementing a visualization tool was an important goal - not just for celebrations but also for personal accountability among their agents. By visualizing their data in real-time with leaderboards and dashboards, Trailstone agents could see how they stacked up across the team.

So before SalesScreen, our dashboard was just numbers - you have how much premium you've quoted, how much premium you sold, how many quotes you've sent, and it's just a list of numbers. Most people just look at their own numbers, and they call it good, they don't see much of a comparison to others. Once we implemented SalesScreen, all that data and numbers were visualized for them. Everybody can see the leaderboard and can see who's selling or not selling that month.

But celebrations have become a big part of Trailstone’s culture and are even used as a prize in competitions.

The celebration videos are by far the best thing. Agents get to pick their own video, and we have competitions where they can change the other person's video for a limited time, and that gets hilarious.

And peer-to-peer recognition has also had an impact on overall sales culture and morale.

The second greatest thing is the endorsements. Being able to give somebody coins and tell them thank you for backing me up while I was on vacation. They have an easy way to publicly thank someone and give them a gift… They just give them some coins or a gift card in SalesScreen, and it's amazing, and everybody gets to see it, and it gets celebrated, and that's an amazing morale boost, especially for our service team. They don't make sales, so they're not flooding the feed with a bunch of sales. So being able to endorse the service team for their great work helping us out through a difficult renewal process or something. That's an amazing way to show that appreciation.

While the Trailstone team is dedicated to creating a fun and engaging environment that agents enjoy working in, they also use SalesScreen in an innovative way to help train and reinforce the selling process to agents through competitions.

The team-based competitions are definitely the most fun because agents can rally behind it and goad each other on a little bit. My personal favorite would be the point-based competition. We have ten different metrics that are measured and we weigh each one differently, so a sale would be worth 10 points, but a phone call is worth one point and everything in between. And that really shows effort, we are very process-driven, so when we see an agent have a high score on this particular competition, we know that they're putting in the effort because they are making phone calls, they are sending quotes, and they're following our process by doing it the right way. And that's how they're getting those higher points.

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