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Tryg used SalesScreen to build a culture of motivated salespeople who are now busy setting records in company sales to over 150,000 happy customers.




SalesScreen was a much needed replacement for our sales measuring tools and we’ve seen big increases with it. It’s a great tool, easy to use and motivates the whole office. It has brought our teamwork and engagement to a whole new level.

Stian Rorby, Marketing Manager, Tryg

As a leading insurance provider throughout Norway, Tryg is no stranger to sales. They provide insurance products to over 150,000 businesses. When they realized that their sales processes were outdated and they needed something that would allow managers to track performance, see data in real-time, motivate reps, and drive results, they turned to SalesScreen. What they got allowed them to do exactly that and so much more…

The Problem

“We had a very old tool for measuring. It was this homemade device that only showed the sale but no actual data or performance indicators. In fact, few people in our organization even knew we had a sales measuring tool. We also had no way to run competitions to make the workday more fun and engaging for sales reps. We needed change.” With outdated data management systems for their sales division and a desire to create great sales teams, SalesScreen was an obvious solution.

Building Winning Sales Teams

With SalesScreen, Tryg’s reps have experienced incredible increases in revenue and the managers have found that their teams are more informed of their progress and more motivated as a result. “Our salespeople love watching the budget charts progress from red to green as they achieve their goals. It makes it so simple for them to know how well they are performing and to compare that with the previous months or weeks in order to see how they have been improving. This has been very important to them.”

Understanding their sales data was key to creating a winning sales strategy that has allowed Tryg to see huge increases in motivation and performance. “SalesScreen has also allowed us to visualize many different performance metrics and use competitions and rewards to motivate our reps. It has made our data more intuitive and easier to understand while also making the workplace more engaging.”

In addition, the live updates feature breathes new life and excitement into their offices and has allowed them to recognize sales reps each time they complete an activity. “Seeing the rep’s name and music live on the screen at the moment of a sale motivates the whole office. It really gets our energy up. Everyone can see it and our salespeople all cheer and congratulate each other. It’s brought our teamwork to a whole new level.”

Making Life Easier

Generating reports for sales data is also easier than ever before. Instead of updating spreadsheets constantly, Tryg uses SalesScreen’s built-in “Export” feature which allows them to easily save or print all of their reports in Excel, PDF, or other formats with a single click. “Previously, we had to print and save all of our reports in files, which was messy and time consuming. Now, we can easily select our date range, see the data, and click print whenever we need to. The history is unlimited, so we don’t have to worry about data expiring or being lost.”

In addition, for a company that is always on the go, SalesScreen’s mobile app provides the perfect solution for busy sales reps and managers. “The App is great too. It makes it easy for us to access sales data anywhere. Even when we are out traveling and away from the office, it is easy to stay updated on how our employees are doing. I don’t have to worry and panic because I have a constant understanding of how my teams are performing.” The result was less stress on managers and increased productivity from salespeople.

A Highly Recommended Solution

With so many systems to manage in everyday life, it’s important to have a solution that is quick, easy, and hassle-free. “SalesScreen is user friendly and not a time thief. We have so many systems to use that it must be fast and easy. We can’t afford time trying to learn a new system or trying to fix problems. SalesScreen has been a great tool because it was easy to install, easy to use, and requires very little time on our end to see results.”

SalesScreen has allowed Tryg to get data-driven results, improve performance, and boost motivation throughout the office. “It’s a great tool, easy to use, and motivates the whole office. It makes the day easier and it’s more fun coming to work when you can see the goals ahead of you and work towards them.”

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