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Universal Processing

Universal Processing experienced greater transparency, stronger office culture and increased sales performance since starting with SalesScreen.


Payment Processing

Universal Processing

Since starting with SalesScreen, we see a more competitive and vivid sales atmosphere.

Bufan Yang, Chief Operating Officer

Universal Processing was founded in 2003 and has since grown to become a leader in the payment processing industry. The company now “helps over 11,000 merchant partners to process over 1 billion dollars in transactions each year.” They offer services throughout the USA and have offices in New York, California and Texas.


With SalesScreen, Universal Processing noticed changes in employee motivation and overall office culture. There was more transparency amongst both co-workers and managers, and it was significantly easier to understand one’s impact. In addition, there was a more vibrant sales atmosphere due to TV screen updates/celebrations and exciting sales contests.

Key Changes:

  • More transparency and awareness
  • Increase in employee motivation
  • Stronger office culture
  • Better sales results due to competitions


We spoke with Universal Processing COO, Bufan Yang–who is located at the company headquarters in New York City–to find out more about how and why they use SalesScreen.

Before SalesScreen, Universal Processing was searching for a way to more easily monitor individual performance and replace their outdated incentive programs–they wanted something in lieu of a basic incentive or punishment policy. Essentially, they wanted to find a tool that would allow them to not only track results and visualize data, but also to inspire their employees to become more intrinsically motivated and to challenge themselves to get better sales results.

Similarly, they were experiencing a lack of competition and energy on the sales floor. With little awareness over individual and company performance, there was an inevitable lull in competitive spirit and people did not have clear, tangible goals to strive for.


Increasing Awareness via Screens

After starting with SalesScreen, Universal Processing noted that screens was one of their most used features. TV screens throughout offices are a great way to share information, make announcements and recognize achievements with personalized celebrations. Thus, there is an automatic increase in transparency and awareness that was not there before. For instance, now when a sales rep closes a big deal for the company, their YouTube video of choice will appear on screens to alert everyone and allow them to celebrate the win together as a team.

TV screen celebrations provided Universal Processing with an excellent replacement for former incentive programs that were not having the desired effect on employee engagement and motivation. After all, “83% of employees think it's better to praise someone than give them a gift.”

Visualizing Data with Dashboards

Having a better overview of your data allows you to provide feedback, compare past and present results and make data-driven decisions. Customizable dashboards helped Universal Processing to gain a visual overview of their data in real-time that contributed to more focus on what matters most to their business. For example, setting monthly targets provided their reps with a clear goal and allowed managers to more easily track performance–and to see where recognition or improvement was needed.

Driving Results with Competitions

Universal Processing started by introducing SalesScreen in their New York office. It was a hit with the employees, and managers noticed an improvement in sales results, so they decided to add it to their California and Texas locations as well. Now they are running SalesScreen across all three offices, which has created a more transparent and enthusiastic culture throughout the company as a whole. As an example, they frequently run office vs. office contests to drive performance and encourage friendly competition between co-workers across locations.

Previously, there was a lack of motivation and internal rivalry amongst sales reps. SalesScreen competitions helped to rectify this. With a variety of fun templates and real-time updates, reps were newly invigorated to up their sales game and beat their co-workers for the top spot–so, suddenly they saw a more competitive and vivid sales atmosphere in their offices.

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