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SalesScreen Launches ‘SalesScreen Essentials’ with Outreach As Its First Integration Partner.

SalesScreen + Outreach

The real-time integration between Outreach and SalesScreen makes it easy to simultaneously motivate your team and implement effective sales strategies. With sequences and tracking by Outreach and gamification and data visualization from SalesScreen, sales leaders can now boost pipeline production faster and more efficiently. Seamlessly working together, this integration will make it easier for both sales managers and sales reps to easily conquer their quotas.


  • Boost pipeline building and revenue generating activity
  • Motivate your team to reach (or exceed) their goals by increasing key activities and metrics
  • Visualize your data to make proactive changes and better predict outcomes across the sales cycle

Integration Set-up

Our one-touch integration with Outreach API allows the daily activities of your sales and SDR teams to be pulled directly into your SalesScreen platform, making it easy to track, manage, and run competitions on your most important metrics.

Increase in revenue
Increase in activities
1 month
Investment return
  • One-month free trial - no credit card required
  • Real-time integration with Outreach
  • Essential gamification elements to get your team hitting goal
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