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Motivate and gamify content sharing and prospect engagement tracking by reps and gain valuable insights into how well content is performing.

SalesScreen + Seismic

Seismic is the go-to sales enablement software that makes it easy for reps to find relevant content for their prospects and clients in one easy-to-use portal. Our one-touch integration allows Seismic clients to track the usage of content in their SalesScreen platform, gamify the sending of content, and set up achievements for those who are utilizing Seismic to encourage adoption. This value-added integration allows sales managers to track outcomes, not just activities.


  • Understand what is working and what isn't by tracking what is sent most often and how well it is performing.
  • Run targeted competitions on new content to encourage adoption.
  • Easy-to-read dashboards for a holistic overview of all goal progression.

Integration Set Up

Setting up with Seismic is simple and easy, and only requires a few steps that you can do yourself once in SalesScreen - no technical skill required! You can learn how to set up your Seismic integration here. But never fear, our technical experts are on hand if you need any help!

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