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SalesScreen + SuperOffice

SuperOffice is a cloud-based CRM solution designed to help you build strong business relationships with your customers and turn them into revenue. Leverage our integration to synchronize SuperOffice activities within SalesScreen and visualize your most important data in easy-to-read dashboards. Once data is flowing, you can run competitions, set up achievements, and celebrate with the whole team whenever milestones are hit.


  • Watch CRM adoption increase as the whole team can see and celebrate when activities are pushed in SalesScreen.
  • Easy-to-read dashboards give a holistic overview of all goal progression
  • Quick create competitions using Hubspot activities make it easy (and fun!) to hit targets

Integration Set Up

Our native integration with SuperOffice makes it easy to get started. To integrate, a SuperOffice admin is needed to authorize. Once filters are in place for the data that will flow into SalesScreen, you are ready to gamify! This integration requires one technical meeting to agree on the data filters and one QA meeting to ensure accuracy.

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