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Looking for new ways to drive great company culture and reward your reps for top performance? Check out these 100 ideas to motivate and engage your salespeople.

Creating new sales competitions and rewards to motivate teams should be a key part of any sales manager’s job, but let’s be honest... it’s time consuming and can be difficult to constantly come up with new ideas.

At SalesScreen, we strive to make sales fun, motivating and rewarding every single day. Our software was designed from the ground-up to give managers all of the tools they need to drive performance increases and boost motivation. Whether your goal is to stimulate friendly competition, bring teams together around an objective or instantly create fun sales contests for other reasons, we’ve got you covered.

Get a big foam hand and give them a high-five with it!

Gift certificate to a movie, restaurant, or sports store of their choice.

Let them bring their kids to work for a day.

Gather some awesome leads, print them on cards and tie them together with a golden bow for the winner to work with - Glengarry Glen Ross style!

Losing team washes winners cars.

Stock the office with their favorite healthy snacks.

Half-day off!

Let them leave work an hour early.

Hang their favorite sports team’s logos around the office.

Let them write their name on the “Winner Wall” with colored markers.

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